The dam in Vranov nad Dyjí 1934–2014

The Vranov Dam has offered some security and protection against the risk of flooding for over 80 years. In the summer, you can swim in the waters of this “Adriatic Sea of Moravia”, or sunbathe on one of its beaches.

Eighty year ago, the construction of the dam caused the flooding of several places in the valley of the river Thaya, including the village Bítov. One of the places that disappeared underwater was the Jelen mill, located near the dam itself.

From a technical viewpoint, the construction of the Vranov Dam was an impressive feat. The entire project was completed in three and a half years. Five years since the construction started, first boats were already sailing in the reservoir.

Historical Photos

The Vranov Dam is waiting for renovation

The unique dam in Vranov nad Dyjí may face comprehensive renovation in the near future. With some exaggeration, its construction and maintenance can be compared to the work of a plastic surgeon on the face and body of an “old lady”. A very demanding ole’ lady at that – the water management company of the Morava river describes the maintenance costs to be over 90 million CZK. The dam is, of course, no small thing (its length is 290 m, its width 27 m at the base and 6 m at the top, its height from the foundation 54 m). A renovation is necessary, since the dam has served well since its commissioning in 1934.

We wish the stone construction all the best for its 80th birthday and look forward to seeing the dam’s new face after the renovation has been completed.

Vranovská přehrada ubytování, penzion Vranovská přehrada, dovolená s dětmi Vranov Jižní Morava

If you’re interested in learning more about the dam, we will be happy to organize a visit to the Vranov Waterworks Information Centre during your stay at our guesthouse.

We are looking forward to your visit!