Podyjí-Thayatal National Park

Národní park Podyjí - Thayatal

How many national parks are there – one, or two? It’s hard to say. Although today we can travel freely through a borderless Europe, talking of bilateral border areas, each of the two national parks continues to have a life of its own.

Soon after the fall of the Iron Curtain, on July 1st 1991, the Podyjí national park was founded on the Czech side of the border. It might sound absurd, but it actually owes its existence to the Iron Curtain. In the deserted border zone, there was no mass tourism and the animal and plant world was largely left in peace. When this area (64 square kilometres) received the status of a national park, it was fortunate enough to be granted a special status of protection. Even today, intact nature with a very well-preserved and richly wooded landscape along the river Thaya awaits you on your hikes. In a rather small area, you will find an incredible variety of unique plant and animal life.

Národní park Podyjí - Thayatal

The Austrian Thayatal National Park was founded a few years after the Czech Podyjí National Park, on January 1st, 2000. Although significantly smaller (with a surface area of ​​13,3 square kilometres), it is no less interesting.

Enjoy videos from both national parks below – documentary films made by Czech Television in the years 2011–2012.

Back to the Wilderness – Podyjí-Thayatal National Park

Wilderness Without Borders – Podyjí-Thayatal National Park

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