Gift vouchers

Ubytování Vranov nad Dyjí, penzion Vranov nad Dyjí, dovolená s dětmi Vranov Jižní Morava

Gift vouchers

Not quite sure of a good present for a friend or loved one? Looking for an interesting wedding gift, or a Christmas or birthday present? We have vouchers for everything. A special experience is the best gift you can offer!

Experiences and memories remain forever

“One should clean up his memories occasionally: sweep out all unnecessary experiences, burn all gloomy thoughts, dust off pleasant memories and clean and polish the cheerful ones.” Anatole France

No one can possibly be disappointed by a romantic getaway for two or a relaxation stay in the unique natural environment of the Podyjí-Thayatal National Park, complete with comfortable accommodation in retro style with a view of Vranov nad Dyjí Chateau. In addition, there are several advantages to giving experiences as presents: they cannot be lost, broken or stuffed in the back of a closet. Experiences last forever…

Gift vouchers: they’re ready-made, so no more worries!

Ubytování Vranov nad Dyjí, penzion Vranov nad Dyjí, dovolená s dětmi Vranov Jižní Morava

While we can’t pack experiences as a gift, we can give them a material form. On request, a personal gift voucher can be printed on high-quality paper per your specifications.

The text of the voucher is printed on quality champagne-coloured paper with special texture and decorative edges. You can have a look at the text and rephrase it (if you wish) before it’s printed. The gift voucher will then be rolled up, sealed and packaged as a gift. This way, the present will have a unique, appealing form.

A gift per your wishes

The gift will be personal, based on specific information provided in advance. You will be able to determine the exact scope of included services, so that a suitable date can be selected without problem. We will also be happy to discuss the details directly with the gift’s recipients, which reduces the risk of possible overlaps. If you can choose the dates long enough in advance, the process will be simple – our studios and apartments will be at your disposal!

To find out more, send us your questions using the contact form, which allows you to book your stay. Tell us your wishes and we’ll do our best to accommodate them. Please call + 420 724 774 774 for more information.

We are looking forward to your visit!