Children and the Podyjí-Thayatal National Park

Ubytování Vranov nad Dyjí, Rodinná dovolená s dětmi Vranov nad Dyjí, dovolená s dětmi na Jižní Moravě, penzion pro rodiny s dětmi

Families with children have many opportunities to find fun things to do with their little ones. Bítov castle exhibits a collection of grotesque stuffed dogs, and allegedly is also home to a couple of ghosts. The town of Znojmo is riddled with mysterious underground tunnels full of creatures from fairy tales. And, finally, you can also take your children on a boat trip on Vranov Dam.

Both boys and girls will enjoy the Veteran Car Museum in Znojmo, the exhibition of historic motorcycles in Lesná and the vintage cars in Bítov. Older children will surely be excited about the prospect of visiting the fortress museum above Vranov Chateau, full of military bunkers preserved from the 1930s.

Booklet introducing the chateaux of Vranov nad Dyjí and Bítov

We have prepared an interactive booklet for children, which serves as a guide to the chateaux of Vranov nad Dyjí and Bítov. It’s aimed mainly (but not only) at little girls who can read and draw with crayons. Both historical sites can be approached in a child-friendly way. The booklet (60 CZK) includes a series of quizzes, colouring pages and various other fun things to do. At Pension JELEN ***, the booklet is available for free.

Horses and the unusual zoo at Bítov

You don’t have to go far to have fun with children who love animals. You can ride horses and ponies at the nearby village of Podmyče, or visit the “falconer’s cottage” in Znojmo, with its many birds of prey and a farm to explore. At Bítov Chateau, children can meet pets and other domestic animals they only know from the pages of picture books.

Exciting underground tunnels in Znojmo and the climbing garden in Vranov nad Dyjí

In Znojmo, a new section of the underground tunnels under the town centre has been opened to the public. Children aged 12 and over can try “Adrenaline Route No. 1”. There’s no need to be afraid of the consequences of this visit – dirty clothes. We will be happy to wash the mud off your children’s clothes in our washing machine. For smaller children, a climbing garden with ropes stretched through the treetops awaits at Vranov Dam.

Are the children still not tired?

No worries – our trampoline with a load capacity of 130 kg is safe. Let your children use it as long as they want. You can sit in the shade of the trees in our garden, have a cup of coffee or a glass of wine, and browse through magazines.

Babysitting small children

If you need to spend some peaceful moments away from your little darling, we have a solution. A professional nurse with many years of experience in kindergarten babysit for you.

We are looking forward to your visit!